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with the latest on the investigation. good morning. >> good morning. officer elliott simon has been suspended without pay. police are not saying when the alleged contact took place. it was reported to them over the weekend. anthony batts described 39- year-old simon as a 13-year veteran. they received a complaint against simon alleging he had assaulted a female. in a news conference yesterday, commissioners batts would not take any questions about the case. police are not releasing any details about the investigation except that simon was on duty at the time of the alleged assault. he has been suspended and there is an internal investigation. >> this agency is committed to keeping people accountable for misconduct. i have no tolerance for misconduct or officers that violate the public's trust. >> 11 news was unable to reach officer simon for comment. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. police confirmed the brawl that broke out at a flea market was a gang related. police brandon quinet and allen lull jr. got into a fight with members of a rival biker gang on sunday. each victim was taken
elliott simon has been suspended without pay. police are not saying when the alleged contact took place. anthony batts described 39-year- old simon as a 813-year veteran. they received a complaint against simon alleging he had assaulted a female. commissioners bats would not take any questions about the case. police are not releasing any details about the investigation except simon was on duty at the time of the alleged assault. he has been suspended and there is an internal investigation. >> this agency is committed to keeping people accountable for misconduct. i have no tolerance for misconduct or officers that violate the public's trust. >> 11 news was unable to reach officer simon for comment. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the maryland puppeteer that performs as elmo is taking a leave of absence. kevin clash is accused of having a relationship with a boy. he is saddened the accuser is characterizing the relationship as something other than it was. other public tours will fill in for clash during his absence. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do think the alleg
is off today. simon is in at the new york stock exchange and we will go to him in a moment. >>> but our top story is inz of rising above. maybe, just maybe. john harwood at the white house as a meeting between the president and congressional leaders wrapped up within the last hour or so. john? sum it up for us. >> tyler, it's a long way to the finish line but if you want to have a positive auspicious start to the negotiations, that's exactly what we got here at the white house. president obama brought the bipartisan leaders together. he spoke from a position of confidence having just won the election but he said we need to find common ground and when the bipartisan leadership walked out of the white house and addressed reporters in the driveway, positive notes were all they were singing. here's a montage. >> the framework that i've outlined in our meeting today is consistent with the president's call for a fair and balanced approach. >> i feel very good about what we were able to talk about in there. >> we're prepared to put revenue on the table, provided we fix the real problem. >> i f
's the final performance of the night. it's the last of the groups. here's simon cowell. >> simon: be very worried, guys, because here comes emblem3. >> this is our opportunity to make music happen very quickly and on a big level. >> better than being a waiter. >> we are emblem3. >> this is not anything that we are used to. >> being in the top 16 feels amazing. >> live life to the fullest. skate, surf. but music is by far the most important things in our lives. >> it can be tricky trying to stay focused. >> we don't want to let simon down. we want to give him a really great performance. >> simon: you are like three excited dogs the way you perform. as much fun as it is being in the house, it is about rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. this is so important for your careers, you know. >> one in a million to get this far, and we're here to work. we're here to dedicate our lives to this. this is definitely not the last time you're going to see emblem3. ♪ sometimes i lay under the moon ♪ ♪ and thank god i'm breathing ♪ and then i pray don't take me soon ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm here for a reason
elliott simon over the weekend. and simon was on duty at the time. he has been suspended without pay pending a criminal and internal investigation. >> this agency is committed to holding people accountable for misconduct. i have no tolerance for misconduct or officers that violate the public trust. >> officer simon is a 13-year veteran of the force assigned to the northwest district. we were unable to reach him for comment. the puppeteer who performs as elmo is taking a leave of absence. he is accused of having a relationship with as 16-year- old boy. he denies the claim, saying the relationship was between two consenting adults and is saddened that he tried to characterize it as something other than it was. other puppeteers will fill in for him during his absence. two accidents in baltimore county. the first one happened on madison avenue. madison avenue between fallsway and calvert and guilford remain closed, as well as the guilford off ramp from jfx. on philadelphia road, and affected -- it affected water service. this is five days after a 50- inch line burst on charles and 20th s
congress has to rise above -- she's wearing one of our pins, ty and simon. we'll talk to her about what the implications are if congress does not rise above. all of that straight ahead. >>> but first, i'll throw it down to simon hobbs down at the nyse. >> hi, sue. one of the immediate implications of course is the way in which the market is behaving. the dow is at a five-month low, the s&p 500 at a four-month low. we have just begun to cut some of our earlier losses within the last few seconds. we've regained 1.350 quite cover the comfortably. kenny, you are worried here now for the afternoon. why? >> i am worried. we were struggling to hold on to 1,350. you can feel it's testy. if the news coming out of the mideast gets any worse as we proceed through the day, i think you'll see investors taking money off the table as the situation develops. >> it goes on day after day. >> it does, except the situation now in the mideast is all of a sudden really elevated to the top between yesterday and what's happened today so far. i think investors are just waiting to see if we hold. >> i don't want
with that. and first we want to recognize mr. simon timany who will be introduced by the supervisor from the 8th district, scott wiener. it's our honor to have supervisor wiener here. but mr. timany, very briefly, took -- at a time when the celebration -- that everybody looked forward to became something more than a celebration. mr. timany intervened dramatically to try to prevent an unruly mob from attacking one of our vehicles and others. for his actions, he himself was personally attacked. nonetheless, he remains an unrepent ant person in terms of trying to intervene and do the right thing and we are pleased to introduce him and to have supervisor wiener to say a few words. >> good afternoon, supervisor, welcome. >> thank you, chairman owen, director, mr. haley. i'm very happy to be here and communicating with you. when i'm not haranguing you about any maintenance or liability. the day after this happened, i learned -- a friend of a friend of a friend knew simon and knew that he had done this and tried to protect one of our very important muni vehicles that helped get people around in
conference to talk about the alleged misconduct of a police officer. this is 39 year old officer elliot simon, he worked out of the north western district on reisterstown road, he has been with the department for 13 years and now facing possible criminal charges, in connection with an incident involving an 18 year old woman, commissioner bats used the term sexual misconduct in the news conference and said the crime occurred while officer simon was on duty and could indicate that the 18 year old woman had been detained by officer simon. the city state's attorney's office started to look in to the case to decide whether or not to file criminal charges. >> over the weekend, the investigation, received a complaint of sexual miscon duck between an 18-year-old female and on duty baltimore police department officer. >> reporter: officer elliot simon is being investigated for a charge that would be a felony. he has been suspended without pay. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> competency hearing schedule #-d for a man accused of killing his roommate. he is charged in the murder and beating death of davi
headquarters for more details. >> officer elliott simon has been suspended without pay. it was reported to them over the weekend. >> i have to talk about a serious issue over allegations about an employee for the baltimore police department. >> the police commissioner described elliott simon as a 13 year veteran assigned to the northwest police district. police are not releasing his picture pending charges but they say they've received a complaint against him over the weekend, alleging he sexually assaulted an 18-year-old female. >> this agency is committed to upholding people accountable for misconduct. i have no tolerance for misconduct or offices that violate the public trust. >> the commissioner would not take any questions about the case. police are not releasing many details about the allegations. accept that simon was on duty at the time of the alleged assault and hit been suspended without pay pending a criminal and internal investigation. the complaint was initially made to the special investigation section aborted to internal affairs. the state's attorney's office is now conducting it
and how can it help here in the new york metropolitan area? >>> sue herera is off today. simon is in and at nyse. >> this is a good rally that we've got on the back of the economic data that came through today in advance, importantly, of tomorrow's employment report. you see this we are off our highs but it is still triple digit. volume is good. the volume yesterday actually by the end of trade wasn't bad. people want to trade the market and they're clearly sending it higher. let's bring in bob pisani for more. >> inflows, volume boarding on the heavy side, 3-1 advancing to declining stocks. dow jones industrial average, best day for the dow since september 13th when bernanke announced qe3. beaten up stocks are getting a bid. that's my theme today. look at some tech names. my heavens, what an awful month it's been for tech. these stocks were killed in the last month. but these are nice little bids here. intel up 3%. that's a rarity. how about financials? not great recently, particular some regions like pnc and regent's financial had a terrible month on their earnings. bank of a
kreuz very quickly. simon rosenberg at the new democrat the network has been researching, studying coming and telling us about the growing hispanic vote for a long time and he predicted 335 electoral votes in florida comes in for president obama, i think simon is just about right. it sounded a little outlandish a few days ago. >> ann? appreciationlaise's for the book, "the victory laps ." when i was canvassing in virginia and i was maybe the fourth person going columbus list and i was asking whether people thought it would vote in the morning or the afternoon, i knew i was carrying and does what he recommended. you never heard me talk about women candidates and i'm so excited about the women were coming in. to be the senator from north dakota and she is a fabulous person. emily's list supports women for congress and it wahasa one loss record. if you compare how much they raised and spent with the success compared to some of the suepr pac's, they did a heck of a lot better job. >> who were the losers? >> the billionaires handing over all that money. >> they got shelly in nevada. >>
to simon for more analysis. how significant is it? is chancellor merkel aiming to rework the you? >> to a point, i think this was a major speech with the chancellor calling for an ambitious road map to renew your's economic and monetary union over the next two or three years. as you said, she called on leaders to agree to a concrete timetable for doing this. she is calling for more coordination between european governments on economic policy, also saying that governments should make commitments -- specifically binding commitments -- to the european commission, including on sensitive areas such as taxation and employment policies. she is also talking about a different relationship between the various european institutions. that could involve changes to the european treaties, so a big push for more europe from the chancellor in brussels. >> we know merkel is getting set to meet up with the uk's david cameron. can we expect sparks to fly there? >> i think chancellor merkel will be looking for compromise, but the british prime minister has been talking about proposals from some gover
. they are planning to take it to the constitutional court. >> let's bring in our political correspondent, simon. this benefit is going to cost 700 million euro per year. however they going to justify this in the age of austerity? >> the government can afford to do this. tax revenues are up. any such spending plans will detract from efforts to cut borrowing. i think these arguments about child care will go beyond questions of financing. this is an ideological battle. the opposition parties and many people in the wider public view in general will see this as an attempt to pressure women to stay at home with children. the measure has been pushed by the bavarian conservatives, many of whom still see women's in terms of kinder and kucher and kirchen. the bavarian conservatives deny that. they say it's about lifestyle choices. >> it sounds like you're describing the 1950's. what about this issue in terms of becoming an election issue? >> the opposition says this is a sign the governments are already becoming nervous and they are starting to hand out gifts to entice the voters. in recent days, the gov
people and money into a hole in the ground where we don't have to think about them again. as david simon says in this film, another remarkable national treasure like michele alexander, look at it this way. we have extra americans in america who we don't need any more because we have closed so many factories. we outsourced so many jobs. and they are increasingly more than just african-americans. it is poor people in general. david simon says, look, if this is the way we will treat your poor people, we will lock them up and throw away the key and profit from their incarceration. one of just kill them? one of people about it? it is such a staggering moment -- why not just kill them? why not be honest about it? it is such a staggering moma in my film. it has to meebe a better way toe the united states and just be the incredible incarcerator. tavis: you recall there was a great debate for years over why ronald reagan as president would not say the word aids. was a great debate for years when george bush would not say the phrase climate change. can you ever imagine barack obama now come in a s
's time to decide. dan simon looks at the pro and see cons and what it means for merchants. >> reporter: on line versus brick and mortar. the value for your dollars, perhaps, has never been so intense. for years amazon had advantages in key states like california. low sales tax. local book stores already on pressure for the rabid rise of ebooks feel particularly squeezed. michael tucker owns a chain of book stores in san francisco. >> if you can save 10%, why wouldn't you? >> reporter: but amazon's tax advantage recently disappeared in california, adding 7 to nearly 10% to the cost of each order. it also began taxing this year in other states like pennsylvania and texas. on-line retailers collect tax only for states where they have a physical presence. now here in california, amazon is building two giant warehouses, including this one near los angeles. it's a million square feet, and for the old-fashioned retailers, it's another reason to worry. why? because amazon's goal is to get items to customers faster and to be able to offer same-day delivery. that's right. you can avoid stores if
simon, he worked out of the north western district, he has been with the department for 13 years. now he is facing possible criminal charges in connection with an incident involving an 18 year old woman. commissioner bats used the testimony sexual misconduct in a news conference and said the crime occurred while officer simon was on duty. it could indicate that the 18- year-old woman had been detained by the officer when some kind of sex act happened. police would not confirm that, the city state's attorneys office started to look in to the case to decide whether criminal charges should be filed. >> i have no tolerance for officers that violate the public trust. >>> the agency will most host a conference, on the military vee rans jailed. back in 2002 the department of justice reported that veterans accounted for roughly 10% of the nation's jail and prison population. those are the recent numbers in november that were available. the group plans to discuss veterans courtses reentreservices and other things like suicide prevention. where you live may have a huge impact on your health. today
and investigate dwaiting an alleged officer miscop duct case, this has to do with 39 year old officer elliot simon, he worked out of the north western district onrisers town road and been with the department for 13 years. now he is facing possible criminal charges in connection with an incident involving an 18-year-old woman. bats used the testimony sexual misconduct and said the crime a occurred while simon was on duty and could indicate the 18- year-old woman had been detained when a sex act happened. police wouldn't confirm that. the city state's attorney's office started to look in to the case to decide whether criminal charges should be filed. >> i have no tolerance for misconduct or officers that violate the public trust. >> reporter: the officer is being investigated for a crime that could be a felony. he has been suspended without pay. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> rescuers back out trying to safe two snowboarders stuck on top of a mountain. they spent two nights in washington state. snow boarding on sunday when a storm brought in a heavy snow. they got lost and called 911. rescuers had
... antonio johnsoo ....illee... debra simon.... johnssn... wws arrested... sunday... on... assault charges...//.simon... was mondaa...///johnson... is chargee... with murder,,.. robbery and assault. hurricaneesandy has stiired a wave of emotions through marylanders, and it's ptanslating into aation. as we speak tonight, two truckk loads of items ae heading north thanks to some teenagers in carroll coonty, kathleen cairrs has mooe on this laaest explosion of generosity. -tracced and in- teet not avaalable. -tracked and in- text not aaailable.. 3 how are tte roads looking tonig? tonight?brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. reportt mapliberty40shawanmap395mapp- veterans... veterans... day... ii... this weekend, .../ but... some schools... pre making sure ...thhir students... know átodayá.../ , howw.. iiportant... ittii... tt honor those....who havv served. --star spanglld banner nats--- nats--- even the four ear olds at gerstell academy stand quieely at attention to ssow rrsppct or veterans day. at this finksburg priivte &pschool, leadership is alway
los llevan a pedir las peticiones." simon sandoval-abogado "la fantasia de fiebre que podemos decir de personas que estan inconformes con los resultados de las elecciones, hace 4 anos cuando barack obama gano dijeron que se iban a mudar a canada a alemania a nose donde, obviamente no se fueron porque aqui estan aun." el gobernador de virginia bob mcdonnell a traves de su vocero dijo que la idea era "ridicula" y el gobernador de maryland no quiso comentar al respecto.... ya hay mas de 30 estados pidiendo lo mismo.... se necesita mas de 20 mil firmas por peticion para que la casa blanca revise el pedido y asi envie una respuesta oficial....virginia cuenta con 4 peticiones por separado, que suma un total de mas de 22 mil firmas... el estado de maryland cuenta solamente con mas de 3 mil firmas claudia uceda/washington dc y expertos dicen que esta peticion es inconstitucional se puede agregar estados mas no quitar.... simon sandoval-abogado no es posible que un estado salga, es posible anadir estados eso ahorita se esta hablando de anadir uno mas que seria puerto rico en washington claudi
name is jennifer. >> my name is simone. we are going on a field trip to take pictures up the hill. >> c'mon, c'mon, c'mon. >> actually, i have been here a lot. i have never looked closely enough to see everything. now, i get to take pictures. >> we want to try to get them to be more creative with it. we let them to be free with them but at the same time, we give them a little bit of direction. >> you can focus in here. >> that was cool. >> if you see that? >> behind the city, behind the houses, behind those hills. the see any more hills? >> these kids are wonderful. they get to explore, they get to see different things. >> we let them explore a little bit. they get their best. if their parents ever ask, we can learn -- they can say that they learned about the depth of field or the rule of thirds or that the shadows can give a good contrast. some of the things they come up with are fantastic. that is what we're trying to encourage. these kids can bring up the creativity and also the love for photography. >> a lot of people come into my classes and they don't feel like they really are cre
and even a little fun between simon cowell and khloe kardashian. fox's adam housely has more on the judges' reactions after the show. >> reporter: during the x- factor's first live elimination show this week freshmen judges britney spears and demi lovato got a little emotional after they had to cut one of their acts. >> the person i'm going to send home is simon. it was a really hard decision for me. i just feel like they both delivered so much and they put their all into it and it's especially at this age i know what it's like. >> i'm just as nervous as they are up on stage and, you know, i've developed feelings for these people. >> may i say you're looking very sexy tonight. >> reporter: simon and khloe are learning from the mistake they made during the show. simon will refrain from using a certain word and khloe will wear less revealing outfits. >> i think the exhibition is on a high tonight because you're in trouble over that. the nip word is now banned on x- factor. >> i'm in a leather very covered dress. nothing is going to happen here. >> i preferred yesterday's. >> reporter: adm
? megyn: joining me now, simon rosenberg, a former clinton campaign adviser, and marc thiessen who's a fellow at the american enterprise institute, columnist for "the washington post" and a former speech writer for george w. bush. welcome back. >> thanks, megyn, how are you? megyn: it's interesting to see the president say don't go after susan rice because she doesn't know anything about benghazi, she had nothing to do with benghazi, and that begs the question, simon, why did you put her out on the sunday talk shows to talk about benghazi? >> well, megyn, we've had this conversation a few times before -- megyn: but not that particular one, not that particular point. >> i think because the administration, because there were at that moment, right, the video was still causing in other parts of the world, right, and throughout north africa and the middle east there were riots and demonstrations throughout the region. the administration was attempting to explain to the american people what was going on. and as the president said yesterday that susan rice gave it her best shot, the cia h
] joining me now to discuss it, simon rosenberg, who is president and founder of ndn, a think tank and advocacy organization, also former campaign adviser to president clinton. and marc thiessen, former speech writer for president george w. bush. so they are at a stalemate, i guess we could say. the republicans wanted spending cuts, and the democrats wanted tax hikes, and the democrats have proposed tax hikes on the rich. republicans have said, well, we don't want that, but we will put revenue on the table if you agree to some spending cuts. and now both sides are saying you show us your proposed spending cuts first. do i have it about right, marc? >> yeah, about right, essentially. look, the president -- i think it's very clear, i think at least, that the democrats want to go off the fiscal cliff. you can see it in the fact that president obama's out there campaigning instead of sitting down with john boehner, running around pushing for a bill to increase -- extend just the middle class tax cuts which he knows republicans will never do. you can see it in the fact that 33 senate de
you very much. this year's public defender simon will be an interesting day, full of cutting edge issues. gang violence and brain science and crime, these are issues at the forefront and deserve all of our attention. this is a greatat>> your going p with me because i liked to wander around and see faces. you have learned more about me that a lot of people know. for the last 10 years i have been married to someone who was a deputy chief of the lapd and i now refer to him as being in recovery. at the same time, i have been working extensively with home with industries, and my brother said, if he had dreamed i would be married to a policeman and working with a priest, somebody would be lying. i have been working with gangs and been involved with gangs, trying to figure them out for 34 years. i began as a young social worker in south los angeles. with gang infested housing projects that are now almost mythic, jordan downs and nickerson gardens, and i worked in these projects during what is referred to as the decade of death, when crack and unregulated gun availability laid waste to co
with our panel. igor volsky. he's our deputy editor of others our democrat. mark simone, wnbc radio talk show host. phil musser, former executive director of the republican governors association. where this debate took place. okay. i want to go to phil musser first. you know, i hear about election -- you know, election mechanics and the ground game. i know that stuff is important. and i understand there might have been some flaws. but i think message trumps all that, phil. and i have two things to say to you. number one, lower taxes and spending means more economic growth. i don't think that message got out. maybe the first debate, that was all. and number two, there was no message to immigrants. and both of those things helped sink the party. what's your thought? do you think the republican governors see this? >> yeah, larry, the republican governors clearly see this. look, i just came from las vegas, where they met. usually, what happens in vegas stays in vegas. but i'll tell you, there were a lot of good things that were happening in las vegas. the republican governor
a tech startup. simon: can you explain what that was all aboot?i thoughh who better than myself to be showing up in a wedding dress to create some attention and to creaae awareness around our new pay off. bloggers took notice and the compaay is gaining can maae pvergrams around all sorts of things.teecher appreciation, memorials, class yearbooks and birthhays.he says at some point he'd like tt uuld in that feaaure of messaaes delivered after one's death. for noww he'' just grateful to have the chance to build an simoo,,cnn, san francisco -----end-----cnn.script----- straaght ahead... roadssandd airports will be crowded this t. thanksgiving.the peak traael days... you may want to void. ((break 3)) 3g@gooww hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 d
stylings of carly simon. he loves to anybody bell on corn and enjoys any music with a fiddle. which one of these two should die? probably the carly simon. >> i think the first is a description of vice president biden. i am not sure. i don't think either should die. again i am for animal rights. >> if these noise book updates were real, here is what both would say. please for the love of god kill me. i cannot emphasize this enough. either bioengineered for us to consume and they are in agony right now. >> and at the end it would say going -- it would say gobble, bob gel. >> the problem is their names are delicious. >> you don't want to kill them call them ear wax and vomit. >> and don't give them two names so similar. ease specialt -- especially people in florida are voting for the wrong turkey. >> you have to show id. >> maybe their names should be i am a genetically engineered monster. you are not getting what i am putting down here. these are not things. >> before we leave this topic, is there anything more annoying listening people to talk about what they are thankful for? >> i like
to an amnesty for immigrants with no right to be in the u.k. the bbc's tom simons has this report. >> in may, it was as big as the population of cambridge. by july, the home affairs select committee said new castle. now the m.p.'s are measuring the immigration back log by country. iceland has a population of just over 300,000. and the total immigration back log for the last three months is 302,064. that includes what's called the migration refusal pool, 174,000 people who should have left britain because they don't have the right to stay here. 25,000 live cases currently being dealt with, and a controlled archive of 74,000 past asylum cases which are outstanding. this number at least is falling, but the m.p.'s say more needs to be done. >> it's spiraling out of control, and they need to take urgent action to deal with cases quickly, to close those cases, and then remove people from the country. who have no right to be here. the committee is concerned this will result in rushed decision making and an amnesty for some applicants. but the government says every day is getting harder to be an ill
, are democrats reluctant to talk about entitlements? if so, why? let's bring in our panel. simon rosenberg, founder of ndn and former clinton campaign advisor. chris wilson, former gop consultant and former director of the texas republican party. welcome to both of you. simon, i know you say the republican focus on reducing taxes you think is all wet? >> no. i think we're seeing progress here. i think that there is a chance, there could be a big deal done by the end of the year, first few months of next year, that involve four pieces right? raising taxes, reforming entitlements, cutting defense and cutting some spending in the rest of the budget. i think all those things are on the table. democrats have shown willingness to do all those things. remember mitt romney criticized barack obama during the campaign for cutting medicare by $716 billion. democrats reformed entitlement programs. we're not scared about that but it has to be done as part of a broader package and i think we're making progress. jon: well the criticism specifically i think people have heard that he cut medicare and then
breaking news now, on home stats. >> good morning, simon, we're here outside bankruptcy court in white plains new york for the latest in the saga of the hostess bankruptcy. liquidation, now the courtroom is reconvening to hear arguments about whether some 19 hostess executives should be getting a retention payout of $1.75 million, these so called bankruptcy bonuses. the interest is not necessarily the amount of the payoff going to the executives, but the fact that should you really on principle be paying bonuses or intention payouts to a company that will not exist in 13 weeks. this is a pretty common practice though and one that these kaurts hear a lot. faking a look at some recent bankruptcies, kodak, attempting to pay investors $8.9 million and beech craft, an ongoing situation. a 3.5 million dlrsz payout for its executives. what do you think about it guys? 1.75 million, that's $7,000 a week for a company that won't be on the docket. >> the pending home saeles inde from the national retailers, september was also revised higher and the realtor's index is now 13.2% above october of 0
correspondent scott cohn, who has worked on this as well. mark simon with us, is director of "unraveled." thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me on. >> scott, you've done such great work in this space. mark, what motivated you to do this? >> ironically, i am an entertainment attorney who happened to have made two documentaries before this film. so when this calamity happened and i was sitting there, it seemed only natural that i would use it as an opportunity hopefully to tell a cautionary tale to educate the public. >> scott, you've covered dreier for a long time. what was most compelling about the film? >> i've covered a lot of white-collar crime. it is so compelling. it gets you inside the head of a white-collar criminal, what drives him. he seems to be, and i guess, marc, you know this because you spent so much time with him. he seems so driven by ego. it's denial to some degree. wants to be repenitent, but he's not. it's just this fascinating character study, i suppose, for 90 minutes. it really kept me glued. >> tell us about it. >> what makes this film so unique that i hear over a
it be to barrel over the cliff? enter former i.m.f. economist simon johnson of m.i.t. he's written a book, white house burning, on the history of u.s. debt, its why's and wherefors and get this its considerable virtues. we asked if he could provide a tv version. the answer was a mobile history lesson. starting at the museum where every 15 minutes they re-enact the dumping that helped make a town famous and a group of contentious colonies united. so to begin you're in boston. what's your fundamental thesis? >> the american republic is born partially in a tax revolt. this is the at a party site where they threw the at a over because they didn't like the tax system. so this has been a fundamental debate and argument from the beginning of the american republic. we come back today to exactly the same sorts of issues. >> country men... reporter: well, not exactly the same. the at a parties of the past included smugglers protesting england having lowered the tax on tea, threatening their contraband business. between legend and fact, legend usually wins. the fact is as between paying now or paying later
from antarctica on the wide-ranging effects of global warming. and later bob simon has a story from canada on the environmental damage caused by the next great oil rush. but our first story involves a controversial waste product that could have damaging effects on the environment. there are more than 600 coal-fired power plants generating electricity in the u.s., and those plants produce 130 million tons of waste called coal ash. it contains concentrations of mercury, arsenic, lead, and other toxic materials. and as lesley stahl first reported in 2009, when coal ash is dumped into wet ponds--and there are more than 500 of those across the country-- the result can have an enormous health risk on the people living in nearby communities. >> we get about 48%, nearly half of the electricity in this country from coal. >> jim roewer is one of the top lobbyists for the power industry. >> coal is going to be around for a long time. >> and we really can't get rid of coal. >> we shouldn't get rid of coal. >> well, should or shouldn't, we can't, and coal makes waste. would you say that the indu
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